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    Creating a gradual blur

    lewisdarby.com Level 1

      I'm working on a scene that has a character lit from behind and has a long shadow cast in front of him. I want to create a gradual blur so that the shadow is crisp around his feet but obviously gets more blurred the further away it gets.


      Any ideas?


      - Lewis

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Isolate the shadow in whatever way you fancy. Create a solid with a greyscale gradient that matches the angle of your shadow. Apply Compound Blur to the shadow, referencing the greyscale map. Alternately use Lensblur to the same effect or third-party products such as RevisionFX' SmoothKit. If the character is in front of a bluescreen/greenscreen, don't bother with the shadow at all, just use the extracted character and derive a shadow eitehr using manual techniques on duplicates (3D layer, Corner Pin) or with Red Giant Warp's Shadow.



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            lewisdarby.com Level 1

            Brilliant, thanks again. You helped me with my previous question too!


            - lewis