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    Help random bubble animation...

    xxxheeroxxx Level 1

      I don't how to get a response to this post. I got code on a blog about a random bubble animation AS 3.0. But unfortunately I work on AS 2.0 I really trying to make it work on AS 2.0 but It did'nt works fine. I need your expertly suggestion to revise this code:


      var holder:Sprite = new Sprite();




      for (var i:int; i<200; i++) {


        var  arrayBubble:Array = new Array();


        holder.y =  20;


        arrayBubble[i]=  new Bubble();




        arrayBubble[i].x = Math.random()*100;


        arrayBubble[i].scaleX = arrayBubble[i].scaleY = Math.random();