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    converting to pdf and assigning reader rights

    MrRamrod Level 1



      I am using the Assembler Integration Verification tools (LC EC Assembler) to test out assembly steps I need to make.

      I have a simple DDX which converts a document from msword to pdf, and then tries to assign reader extension rights to it


      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
          <PDF result="outDoc">
              <PDF source="doc1"/>
              <ReaderRights credentialAlias="my magic key"
      formFillIn="true" formDataImportExport="true" comments="true" mode="Draft"/>



      if doc1 is mapped to a pdf file (no conversion, just document assembly) then this DDX script executes correctly and I get to see my pdf file as output


      if i map doc1 to an MSWord file, thus triggering the pdf generator to convert it to pdf first, the Assembler page displays a popup saying "object Object [null]".


      if i remove the <ReaderRights> segment, the pdf generator works ok, delivering my converted document in pdf form.


      Does anyone know why the combination of document conversion AND reader rights is not working?