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    creating standard re-usable text animations

    dave rumbelow

      Hello all

      I would like to be able to create a set of standard text animations for different length bulleted lists, headings etc and then feed these animations (probably with xml?) to create unique mc's. Any pointers on this would me greatly appreciated.



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          First of all design carefully your app in paper: what it's going to do exactly, and all the features you would like to add, where it's going to run, etc.

          Then maybe a good starting point would be split your app in some simpler and smaller tasks.


          I would try a first attempt with a dynamic text but without any dynamic feeding. I mean, assigning the properties in the code directly. I think actionscript animation will be the right choice. Create the textfield from code, not in stage. I would try to find some information about random movement ecuations or some maths to create dynamic moves in as. Keep all as simpler as possible. Here I would solve the problems I might encounter with embedded dynamic fonts from library, antialias quality, and textformats and all that stuff (if you are as2 :S ). At this point it should be clear what parameters will be needed.


          Then I would pass to the xml data reading and interface design.

          I suppose you will have two steps in the interface (at least), the customization data (font, size, color, text, predefined styles, etc) and the display. Or maybe the user can modify the params in live action. Have you think about what are you going to do with the resulting animation? Can the user save it or send it to someone?


          I hope all this helps, good luck



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            dave rumbelow Level 1

            some good suggestions there thanks.

            I wondered if anyone could give me some pointetrs on my code, at the moment I have...


            stop ();
            import fl.video.*;
            import flash.events.*;


            var xmlContent:XML;
            var xmlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("thexml.xml");
            var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();


            xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoaded);


            function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void
                xmlContent = new XML(xmlLoader.data);
                list.text = xmlContent.toString();


            display.addASCuePoint(3, "I1");
            display.addASCuePoint(6, "I2");
            display.addASCuePoint(9, "I3");
            display.addASCuePoint(12, "I4");
            display.addASCuePoint(15, "I5");
            display.addASCuePoint(18, "I6");
            display.addASCuePoint(21, "I7");
            display.addASCuePoint(24, "I8");
            display.addASCuePoint(27, "I9");
            display.addASCuePoint(30, "I10");


            function synchVideoToInterace( cueName:String ):void
                gotoAndStop( cueName );


            function cuePointHandler( evt:MetadataEvent ):void
                synchVideoToInterace( evt.info.name );
            display.addEventListener(MetadataEvent.CUE_POINT, cuePointListener);


            function cuePointListener(event:MetadataEvent):void
                trace("Elapsed time in seconds: " + display.playheadTime);
                trace("Cue point name is: " + event.info.name);
                trace("Cue point type is: " + event.info.type);


            which takes all of my xml, tags included and puts it into a text box, I would like to control which parts of my xml load depending on the name of the cue point, I have created xml elements that have the same names as my cuepoints but am not sure how to proceed from here.