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    Quiz buttons double up


      When I publish a presentation my quiz buttons double up.  It still works but looks unsightly.   If i highlight one of the buttons and delete it then the button doesnt work at all.  Can anyone help me.

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          Sounds like you're using Presenter 7...right?


          When using question elements, the Quiz Manager has a number of "presets" with assets...like buttons for example.  What you're seeing on the slide once you get out of the Quiz Manager are the "states" for a submit and clear button.  And you're right...it is unsightly, but it's also an artifact of changing the styles of button text.


          As far as I can tell, the default text size of the rollover state of a button is Arial 18pt.


          I've seen this "double button" situation come up a number of times, but in most cases, it's only occured when I create a new Quiz in PowerPoint.


          One thing you can do is double check the Appearance tab of the Quiz Manager and take a look at the size set for the button objects.  If it differs from the font size set for it back in PowerPoint, you'll need to fix it.  Bottom line: after creating your question, if you go back to the slide, go ahead and click a button to select it.  Looking at PowerPoint's font size in the menu bar, what you might see is something like this:


          Arial  14+


          It's that "+" sign that you need to be concerned about.  Although the "face" of your button might be in Arial 14, it means that the grouped element behind the button (aka the "over state") is using a different font size.


          The solution: click on the button once to select it.  Then using the font size in PowerPoint, set it.  Now both "states" of your button will use the same font size—period.  There is a strong chance that you'll need to fix all the other buttons for your question slides, but once done, then you should have no problem getting in and out of the Quiz Manager without affecting the buttons thereafter.


          BTW...what you should NEVER do is break apart / ungroup the question elements on a slide...that will completely sever its functionality and render the elements totally useless.


          Hope that helps!




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            Gagey52 Level 1

            Sorry about the delay in getting back to Rob, your advice was spot on.  Thanks for that