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    How to build Flex on JBoss

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      Flex should be build every time on Jboss server with out building it on Flex builders
      How to invoke Blazeds war file and folder into jboss and where to use it
      if any idea help me to tat
      for invoking flex code to run on server with out using flex to build for changes
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          Hmm, I'm not 100% sure if I understand you, but you simply wish to deploy your Flex app to Jboss? When I first started using J2EE servers for my flex deploys, I used this video which described how to install FDS on JBoss (FDS is now replaced with LCDS, or Blazeds without all the other tools).


          That video will tell you how to deploy samples.war, which will be the exact same way you deploy Blazeds.war.

          As for your project being built outside of Flex Builder, I am not clear on what you want. Are you talking about when to compile your project? At the start of a project, the project wizard lets you choose to compile from the server or from Flex Builder.
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            Thanks for reply i am doing my proj to draw chart using java and flex
            chart values are brought by xml files from Database.when i add data to my Database i should build my Flex Project in Flex Platform what i need is...
            i should get my Flex project to update itself and build it without using Flex
            and i should build it on my server side
            so now please help me to do that work