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    Can you use Flash Catalyst & Builder to make an AIR app?


      Hi everybody,


      I am looking to create an AIR application and wished to use Photoshop & Catalyst for design and Builder for development but I came across a problem. When I import my catalyst file (.fxb) into Builder, it goes straight into a web application and does not give me a choose to make it into a desktop application.


      Is this not possible? Or is there some other way to do this so that my catalsy file becomes a desktop project (AIR-RIDA) and not a web project (RIA)?


      Thank you all in advance,



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          Jeff Swartz Level 3

          Flash Catalyst only generates web projects (Flash Builder imports exactly what it gets from Catalyst).  However, Flash Builder has a feature that allows you to convert a web project to an AIR project.  After you import the project, right-click it in the package explorer, and then choose Add/Change Project Type > Convert to Desktop/Adobe AIR project.


          Once you have converted the project to a desktop (AIR) project, you will want to change the Application element to a WindowedApplication element (in the main MXML file).