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    Issues with Capture

      Hi All,

      Here are some issues I've had with captures:

      Occurs Always:
      --numerals do not get recorded, text boxes must be edited to match what we want users to input (what was inputted during capture)

      --we use a barcode scanner in most of our captures, but have had to input the info manually

      Occurs Occasionally
      --after completing all question slides in an assessment, the review states something like 19/20 correct, when all answers were verified as correct during assessment

      --randomly, when previewing a slide it appears scrambled, like bad television reception, and brings preview to a halt

      --often the procedure we are capturing involves pressing Enter or Tab keys, but in preview mode Captivate will not require the keystroke and will progress to the next slide

      I've updated to 3.0.1 589. Most of these issues can be resolved with manual edits, or altering our standard operating procedure for assessment purposes only...but we chose to work with Captivate because it was supposed to make things easier for us. Ultimately, it has improved our process, just wondering if there are any solutions at present to what I've been describing.