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    PDF to SWF keep PDF buttons


      Hi all,


      I just downloaded FlashPaper and started testing it. My problem is that I have à lot of PDF documents that are available on a website and those documents goes from less than 1mb to 90mb and they open directly in the browser with Adobe Reader which can be pretty slow even with the "fast web view" property enabled. So we thought that we could convert everything to flash and try it out to see if we gain loading speed. Our problem is that all those PDF contains some buttons, created with the button tool of Adobe Acrobat, and calls some JavaScript functions that were included within the PDF document. When converting those PDF to Flash with FlashPaper, The resulting document's layout is PERFECT, exactly what we are looking for BUT without the buttons that were in the PDF document.


      So the question is : Can we convert a PDF to Flash AND keep the buttons and JavaScript functions ? if Not, is there à Flash SDK that we could use to insert links in the Flash document at the same coordinates than the buttons of our PDF document ?


      thanks a lot for your help.