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    timestamp server issue - urgent




      i'm publishing to Air from Flash CS4 Pro.


      We created a certificate to embed which was publshing our Air files successfully a few weeks ago.


      We have tried to publish the same files today for a client and Air produces the following error:


      "There was an error connecting to the timestamp server. You may no have a connection to the network, or the server itself may have a problem."


      We are connecting to the default timestamp server which i assume is:




      but if navigated to this url directly i get a "404 missing" error


      can anyone help with why?


      is this server down or should we be using an alternative timestampe server - if so what and how do we go about this?


      regards, and thankyou in advance,



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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          It appears to be working now. (It isn't a web server, so navigating a browser to that URL doesn't do anything useful.) If you are still having trouble, you should look at your internet connection. I don't know of an alternative server, but you can turn off time-stamping (not recommended for a publically-distributed build) with the -tsa none option.