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    Gradient Wipe Again

    pebalsamo Level 2

      OK, a little while back I had posted a question about not being able to get the Gradient wipe to work.  I simply wanted to see just a soft piece of one video clip over the top of another.  There were some workarounds to get it to work but after the update to 4.1 it worked just like it was supposed to.


      Now I want to do about the same thing.  This is for a wedding video.  I have a shot of the invitation and I want to slowly fade in a shot of the Bride and Groom.  I want it to stop at a certain point so that basically all you see is the bride and grooms face in the Invitation.  So I have my gradient layer on Video 1, the shot of the Bride and Groom on Video 2 with the opacity of that clip set to 54%, then the Invitation shot on Video 3.  I applied the gradient effect (Video Effects, Transition, Gradient Wipe) to the clip on Video 3 and went to the point that I wanted the bride and groom pic to stop fading in which is 6 seconds from the start of the invitation shot and set the Transition Completion to 40% and the softness to 100%, and set a keyframe.  and it looks just like the tiff image that I attached which is exactly what I am looking for.  Then I went to the beginning of the invitation shot and set the Transition Completion 0 and set a Keyframe.  Once I set that keyframe at the beginning it does not work.  All you see in the Invitation on Video 3, it never changes.  If you have the effects window open you can see the Transition Completion % changing from 0% up to 40% over the 6 second timeframe, but you never actually see the Video 2 image at all.


      FYI Video 2 and 3 are DV Video clips that were slowed down to 0% using Time Remapping in the timeline.  Both clips are 30sec long.  The Gradient image is a .bmp file that I created in PS CS4.  I also attached the Gradient .bmp