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    JVC GZ-HD7 works great, but which preset is best in Premiere?


      As you know, the HD-7 is not an AVCHD nor HDV camera, it encodes to a MPEG-2 1080i 60i VBR format and then labels them as .TOD files. I have it set to the full 1920 FHD setting in the camera and have gotten it to work in premiere no problem by renaming the files to .mpg or .m2ts.


      Now, I need to know exactly what preset I should be using in premiere to best suit the format the HD-7 is in encoding in.


      I can choose from the usual:



      MainConcept MPEG Pro HD 4

      XDCAM HD


      But what would be the best preset?




      What is the best way to export video for this type? I miss the days of DV exporting with cs3 and how quickly it would export (which no longer works with cs4)

      So i'm looking for two answers really, the quickest way to export the HD footage (with the least impact in visual quality) and also the best quality way to export the HD footage for serious projects.