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    Flex 3.0.0 to 3.3 upgrade broke my WebService calls (must now use .toString() on XML nodes)!!!




      When you decide to change how fundamental things work in Flex please consider the cost vs. benefit more carefully!  I had a lot of code (and probably other developers did too), that had to do with XML and I have found that after upgrading to Flex 3.3 (from 3.0.0) my code no longer works correctly.


      Consider the following code:



      var xdoc:XML = new XML("<xmltest><name>Brian</name></xmltest>");

      var operation:AbstractOperation = ...;

      var token:AsyncToken = operation.send(xdoc.name);



      In Flex 3.0.0 this would send the following value: "Brian".

      In Flex 3.3 this now sends the following: "<name>Brian</name>".



      I can understand reasons why both implementations would be useful.  In fact I cannot argue for one or the other, and it would be a waste of time because it is irrelevant to my complaint.



      My complaint is that you cannot pull the rug out from us developers like this by changing fundamental behavior with different versions - have you ever heard of “backwards compatible”?  It is a reason why Java is so successful, and you will loose a lot of respect making these kinds of changes.



      Please, please consider the consequences of such changes when so many developers are using your product now!