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    Can't download the latest Camera Raw 5.3 in CS4

    Pamela E Jones Level 1

      I've just upgraded from Elements 5.0 to CS4 (with RAW 5.0) and can only open Nikon D80 RAW files.  I can't open Lumix LX3 RAW files.  I tried to download the latest Camera RAW 5.3 by clicking in the Help Menu and choosing "Update".  I get the message "the Installation process as encountered a problem".  I then have a choice of choosing; "run update again", "stop installation", or "cancel".  I'm also getting this error message with "Adobe Extension Manager CS4 2.1" update.  I can't work out if there's a problem with the "Extension Manager", the RAW update, or the "Installation Manager" - if that's what it's called.


      I looked in C:\program files\common files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS4\File Formats, and can see "Camera RAW.8bi.  I'm sure that is the same name as the RAW Plug-In in Elements 5.  Am I having this problem because Elements 5 is on the same Drive, or is there a problem with CS4?  To add insult to inury, I have encountered a few other problems, listed below:-


      1. I can't delete a layer by dragging it to the Bin.  I have to right click on it and choose "delete layer"
      2. When I make a Levels Adjustment Layer, there is no "OK" button to click on, to make the dialogue box disappear.  That wouldn't matter too much, but I don't know how to "cancel" an amendment as I used to do, by pressing Alt key and clicking on "Cancel" to restore the changes.  How do I do this in CS4?
      3. I'd prefer all the Windows to Float, so I can move them around.  I can't see how to make this a preference.  I have to click on the "Window" menu and make the changes for every document. Otherwise, the picture fills the whole screen.
      4. I made some brushes in Elements 5 - mainly a signature brush.  How would Iike to copy this brush to CS4?  I can see a "Brush Presets" folder, but not individual brushes in either package.
      5. Lastly, I'd like to load CS4 on my laptop, if that's allowed.  I don't often connect to the Internet with my laptop for security reasons.  Do I need to be connected to load it onto the Laptop. 


      I bought CS4 from Adobe, and was hoping there wouldn't be a problem with the software.  Upgrading from Elements 5 has been a cultural shock, so I hope I don't sound too "dim".  I've watched lots of DVDs about CS3 and CS4, but still feel quite swamped with the new features.


      I'd be grateful for any help with the above questions.