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    With mx:HTML download buttons not working on any site


      I know this HTML control (mx:HTML) issue has been reported by many people related to popup not opening etc and there were lot of answers provided by different people related to popup.

      I am using the same mx:HTML control to open a url ( website) and my issue is that we have a download button which needs to download an exe but it is not working.

      Lets take the example

      1) Defined the mx:HTML in AIR application and gave the location = "www.adobe.com/downloads/"
      2) Assume that you have properly logged into the adobe site and you find a download button.
      3) when clicking on this download button nothing is happening from Adobe AIR.

      I want the proper download window to open asking the user to either run or save as what it should be going to happen in normal webpage.

      Is there any work around for this or some good suggestion on this.