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    problem with cfwindow

      The code is going through a cfoutput on a database where the client can select by mouse clicking an item in the cfoutput list. then I want it to open a 'detail' window using the cfwindow function. I need to pass the record number from the cfoutput data before the new window opens to populate it with data from another query.
      I can't seem to figure this one out. What would be wonderful is when the mouse click gets done, it can pass the record number. BUT I can't get the onclick function to hold that variable while it is doing a javascript call to cfwindow.
      I've tried a variety of ways to do this.. some put up the window just fine, but for reasons I can't get a variable over.
      I have another way I can do it that works... where I do a straight href, with embedded?rx=#recno# on each item in the list as it is written. this captures each record number just fine if they click it.. passes the URL var. Great. But now how do I open the new window... the click event has passed ?
      Got to be a way to do this... any ideas ??