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    Tree component and loading xml files into text field


      Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my issue....


      I am making a simple self help application.  I have a tree component that loads the different catagories and topics for my help app dynamically via an xml file...no issues there.


      I then want it so that when the user cliecks on the actual topic that the TextArea component will load the info from another xml file using the name of the topic as the name of the xml file to make it that much easier for anyone to maintain this program.


      So far the code i have is this.


      myTreeListener.change = function(eventObject)
          var theSelectedNode = eventObject.target.selectedNode;
          var theSelectedNodeLabel = theSelectedNode.attributes.label;
          topicTextArea.text +=



      I am a little fuzzy when it comes to loading the xml file in.  Should i be loading html instead of xml is my other question as well?



      Thanks in advance for your help