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    Swf won't load on device - Flash icon with yellow warning triangle and number 9

      I have an internet tablet - the Archos 5. I'm trying to create a swf file that runs on the device. I made a small "hello world" application in Flex 3. When I try to run it on the device I get a blank white screen with a flash icon in the center. To the lower right of the flash icon is a yellow "warning" triangle with the number 9 inside of it.
      I loaded the flash version checker on the device and that runs properly. It claims that the player version is:
      AFL 9,1,115,0
      Debug player: No
      OS: Linux
      Video capable: Yes
      Audio capable: Yes
      Local File i/o enabled: No

      Any hints as to what settings I need to switch in Flex 3 so I can create applications for this device? The only thing I see that looked promising is the "Require Flash Player version" setting, but that's set to 9.0.124 - lower than the 9.1.115 version on the device.

      Thanks for any help