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    Exporting as images and issues with overprints, Pantones

    PeterK.. Level 3

      I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to a couple of issues when using the File-Export option to make a bitmap image of an Illustrator file.

      I'm using the CS3 suite.


      1. Objects that have been set to "overprint fill" do not correctly show the overprint in the resulting export. Only images set to a blending mode of darken or multiply show overprinting colours.


      1. a) is there some way to easily select all "overprint fill" objects and set their blending mode?


      2. I've noticed that Pantone colours exported to RGB images will differ slightly from the RGB values arrived at in Photoshop. example: In an sRGB Illustrator document, set spot colours to "use lab values specified by the book manufacturer," create a Pantone Reflex Blue shape, exported as a sRGB image will result in values of 15, 37, 151, while in Photoshop the values will be 0, 37, 150. Colour settings are the same, and even though both in Illustrator and Photoshop, the Lab values are identical, the resulting RGB values are different. Is this just one of those issues with Illustrator and Photoshop teams calculating things differently or is there something I've got wrong?