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    RoboHelp 8 File Crashes when inserting Baggage Files



      I'm working on projects in RoboHelp 8. The program repeatedly crashes when I drag-and-drop baggage files into the content panel.

      1. Yes, I am holding down the shift key when I drag-and-drop.
      2. I have rebooted.
      3. I have reinstalled RoboHelp.

      I can get - oh, maybe - three files done before the program crashes. Upon crashing, I see the symbol of a circle with a diagonal line through it. Then I get the error message "RoboHelp has encountered an error and has to close."


      It will take about 5 minutes for RoboHelp to close itself up, and then for me to reopen the project, the content page and the baggage files. All of the baggage files are PDFs (such as forms and documents) that are essential to the project. I have also tried navigating to the baggage files individually, using the hyperlink process, but that, too, crashes. It's obviously a much slower process - and time consuming when creating a project with hundreds of these baggage file links.


      For the record, this is a newly created project in RoboHelp 8. I never experienced this issue when working in RoboHelp 7, but at this point, I no longer have access to RH7.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem?



      Helen Schmidling