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    SWF Insert Placeholder

    dkellyplt Level 1

      I get a strange placeholder inPowerpoint 2007 when I insert a swf file. See the attached pdf. I haven't seen this before. And unlike before, when I publish the slide the swf includes a skin with controls - can they be turned off?

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          robva65 Level 2



          That looks like the skin elements of a Captivate movie...did you insert a swf file from a Captivate on that slide, or was it just a blank/contentless Flash file?



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            dkellyplt Level 1

            Yes, the original movie was created in Captive. It was inserted into the pptx slide via Presenter. Previously I did not get the skin, if thats what it's called. It doesn't appear in that form on the published pptx; however, another version of the skin is published. Can it be omits so the the swf simply plays on the slide?