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    randomizing external xml swf interfers with main swf  nav buttons

      Hi Y'all -

      I've tried several ways of bringing in random images - from an XML driven swf file, as scripted code, etc.

      So for instance, I set up the MovieClipLoader method of bringing in the xml-fed banner_rotator.swf; this works fine -

      But, no matter what I do to end the rotator, one of two things happen -

      1) the rotator lives on in other frames (I do not want this) but the navigation buttons work in my main swf file


      2) the rotator leaves the stage as planned when you go to another frame but the frame stops in the main movie are ignored and the main swf loops through each frame continuously.

      I'm willing to use ActionScript 2 (current site) or ActionScript 3, or any other method.

      How can I drive a stake through the heart of this script?