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    5 K messages and some suggestions

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I could not pass this moment by, 5.000 posts and still some hints:


      When people post a question they naturally want an answer as quickly as possible. Completely understandable. What a poster should realize is that on this forum one can only READ messages. One does not have the computer of the original poster (OP) at hand, we can't look over his shoulder to see what he is doing, we can only read his message. We don't know his configuration, we don't know what he did earlier, we don't know if he understands what he has been doing, whether his children/pets/wife/partner/neighbour have inadvertently pressed some keys on the keyboard, he has spilled his coffee on his hard disk, or whatever else could have happened.


      We just don't know! You have to tell us in an understandable way.


      To help you, tell us what we need to know. You help yourself by looking at these to links:






      If you need help quickly...Guideline for posting an effective question


      Do not be offended if someone asks you for more information, because ultimately he wants to help, not insult.


      You have to understand all the info we have is what we read, nothing else. Not everybody uses the proper terms and phrases to be understood by everyone, not everybody is a native English speaker, not everybody is specific, precise and accurate in wording his problem, in short there are a lot of factors influencing how your message comes across and is understood by others.


      This is a classic example of someone posing a question/challenge and how the listener/reader percieves it.


      Q: Below you see 9 points. What I want you to do - without lifting your pencil from the paper - is to connect all these points with a maximum of 4 straight lines.

      .     .     .


      .     .     .


      .     .     .


      A: It can't be done, you need 5 straight lines.


      Q: It can be done if you think outside the box.


      A: Now I see.


      This occasion seemed a good opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of clear, distinct and accurate problem descriptions, supported with relevant data and information.

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          Ted Winston

          So what questions would you like to ask so that you can help me Harm?

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            Click on the links in Harm's post and you will see the questions.



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              Can't figure out whether this forum is smothered?


              I raised issues in my last post here that, although infringing on another colleague's problem, haven't really been answered or discussed even.  I think I suggested that CS4 did things differently to CS3.  Don't mind this unless it fundamentally and positively affects workflow - which it seems to be doing albeit in a somewhat irritating way for me in some areas.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for progress - but a one step forward, one step back backwards dynamic seems to be at work here. Premiere CS4 has some limitations.


              My feeling - and feel free to disagree with me here - is that Adobe has a fundemental problem with Premiere - period.  After Affects is the benchmark for compositing in a windows environment.  It can do almost everything VERY well, except long form editing.  It is a short timeline solution.


              Premiere on the other hand has the potential to do everything that After Affects does but for long form too.  The result: Adobe never quite seems to give Premiere its wings because perhaps it knows that it will immediately remove the market for After Affects. Turkey's do not vote for Christmas.  (Given a choice they may well vote to postpone Christmas!)


              So we get software updates that never quite live up to the legacy that (for me at least) Speed Razor promised back in the nineties.


              As I say, I might me wrong, but I don't think so and I've worked with all forms of software, particularly AVID, since it was introduced way back so I do know a thing or two about non-linear editing.


              The link to wiki troubleshooting is great for those who are starting out or need a little reminder.  But I think we all know that CS4 is not the holy grail for editing and that Adobe might need to think AVID in terms of future competition and not ULEAD.


              By the way...I use FCP extensively.  But it outsells Premiere, I suspect, in the Broadcast market.  It's actually OK but I actually prefer Premiere and think the latter has a massive potential if given the right investment.  Go on Adobe...spoil us!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I am not at all certain what this has to do with Harm's thread.


                You mention tagging on to another thread, and not getting answers. That can happen easily, if people are wrapped up in certain problems already. They just might not see a tagged-on post.


                Why not initiate a new post, with all details of the problems. Unless someone has posed a problem, about which no one has any experience, I cannot recall any posts going unanswered.


                Please title the post with the important bits. The title is like the cover of a magazine at a newstand - it has to vie for attention amongst the other posts.


                Do read Harm's entries in this thread to make sure that you state the problem(s), and also furnish complete details.


                Good luck,



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                  pradamedia Level 1

                  Sorry. I'm relatively new to all this forum stuff.


                  I think Harm was making a point about another guy's issues that I was also threading to but he obviously opened a new one so it's not obvious why my reply is relevant.  In future I shall be mindful of potential ambiguities thrown up by posting without due care and attention.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    In future I shall be mindful of potential ambiguities thrown up by posting without due care and attention.


                    Don't worry. It happens. I just could not put things together, so I wondered a bit.


                    As there are two "browser" ways to view the new fora, it can be confusing with the Reply To function, if one is viewing in the "Flattened" view to see post numbers. Things are often a bit more clear in the "Threaded" view, but you loose post numbers to refer to.


                    Also, and once again, the server seems to be jumping around a bit. I've gone to post to a thread, only to find that I have jumped to the Acrobat forum! Luckily, I caught that one, before I had posted. A MOD in another forum ended up posting to the root folder for the Adobe Premiere fora! Oh well. At least the server has only gone down twice in the last three days, so I can be happy about something.


                    If you do have problems, please start a new post and we'll see if we can help you resolve them. Again, the linked info in Harm's post will get you started with the info that will help everyone work with your issue. The more - the better. That saves having to play "20 Questions," and usually gets things handled in a quicker way.


                    Good luck,



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                      Hey Harm, thanks for a more than timely response! My humble apologies for the lack of reference information. I certainly don't mean to be vague. It's that I'm that indie filmmaker with every task from A-Z with regard to this project on is hands! If this helps; I'm running XP on a PC that I've recently installed CS3 n out of shear desperation to save my current project. I'm attempting to export the project to tape & all seems to be fine until several minutes into the export when I suddenly receive the error message: "Premiere Pro has encountered an error" with a red "X" next to it & the script: [..\..\Src\AudioRender\StackAudioBuffer.cpp-58]

                      Thats all I got!