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    How to export multiple audio tracks to Encore or Media encoder


      Hi everyone


      I trully can't find the answer to my question.


      I have a video from my last vacation (video on Video 1 and audio on Audio 1). I unlinked the audio and moved it to Audio 3. Then on Audio 1 and Audio 2 I put variuos music that I want to use instead of the original audio.


      I want then to export everthing onto a DVD, but with 3 different audio. What I am getting right now is that all the 3 audio tracks are combined into 1.


      So the question is: how can I have 3 separate (seleced on DVD player) audio tracks.


      I know how to add audio tracks in Encore but is there a way to export the audio tracks as seperate audio trakcs from Premiere or the audio trakcs always get shrinked into one track?


      Will appreciate your help.


      Kind regards