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    URGENT: Rendering Errors.


      Hey everyone! I am working on 2 video projects right now that urgently need to be exported from Premiere but I am have a huge error.


      First my specs:
      Windows 7 (RC) 32 Bit System
      2GB RAM
      Premiere Pro CS4 (From Master Collection)
      Lots of free memory 24Gigs+


      I have a small time project with .mov, .wav, .wmv, titles and transitions in it. The length is right under 5 minutes.
      There are no video effects in this project. I finished my editing and as usual used Export to export the file with the following


      .avi DivX Codec
      1280x720 Size 1.0 Square Pixels


      I have also tried .wmv, QuickTime, and several other codecs I cannot remember off the top of my head.


      Now for the problem, it will without stall, freeze, or anything, just give me a "Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error". It does not close. I just try again with a different codec and have unsuccessfully achieved a single completed export.


      I had exports successful before this project.


      I have followed many other suggestions via Google including, empty my Preview Files, Importing the Project into a new project, changing formats and have ended up on my original project with a blank impression.


      My emotion right now is best represented by


      ANY help is appreciated! Please respond ASAP!


      ~ MC Gamer   


      NOTE: I have tried all of Adobe Support. No luck.