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    Fuzzy lines on rendered video PLEASE HELP!




      Im new to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and i need a little help. When I render my project with Adobe Media Encoder CS4 im getting lots of fuzzy lines when I move around alot. My project settings are: AVCHD 1080p 30. My camera is a Sony HDR-SR10. And my render settings are: MPEG2 at 29.97 drop frame fps, 1920X1080 and Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9 (1.000) and the quallity is on 5 (the highest). And its NTSC.


      I have done a test and i have found out that if i render with the same settings as above but without the effect that i used (Lighting) its perfict qallity! No lines! But if i apply that effect and render it has lines. so would this be my settings fault, Media Encoder's or Pemiere Pro CS4's?


      Please ask me if you need more info.


      Thanks Heaps!