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    Can After Effects co work with Excel?


      it's sound crazy.but yes that's what i want.


      i work for TV station ,major in graphic DEPT

      i am incharge of subtitle daily update.


      every day i got a excle file from pre-broadcasting DEPT ,then i copy and paste the wording from excle to aftereffect's different layers then add fade in\fade out effect and render then.


      actually, it's not a hi-tech,but workload is huge!

      i have to copy paste 200+ every day, freak out...


      is it possible that AE can import wording automatic paste them into the layer?



      thanks for reading my crazy thought...



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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee


          Here is a script by Dan Ebberts in his web site that will take each line in a text document a turn it into an After Effects text layer.

          So, if you to save your Excel documents as text, it should help-

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            In addition to the simple text from file script pointed out, you may also wish to look into things like the ones below:


            Create Lower Thirds from Text


            Create Markers from Text


            They may not contain the perfect solution you seek, but the code could be modified to suit your needs. there's a couple of more scripts out there with similar functionalities, most of which can be found on or via AEnhancers.



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              Pat Mck

              It would also be handy to import such things as transformation and key frame data from an Excel spreadsheet, which can be an easier method of importing and changing to repeated items.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There are several scripts available that can create lower thirds from CSV and other data files. If you have the same transformations applied to each layer you can create animation presets that do the animation automatically with one click. I have about 200 that are based on the layer in and out points so all I have to do in create the text layers and then select them and apply the animation preset I choose. If you wanted to get fancy you could write your own custom script that created the text layers, applied an animation and trimmed the layers to length to make a complete lower 1/3 or other typical news graphics completely automatically. It would take a bit of study or experiment with some of the scripts available for purchase.