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    Problem with Panasonic P2


      I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me.


      I shot video by Panasonic AG-HVX203 to shoot video in DVCPRO HD (1080/50i) format.  This is PAL format.  Video is stored in P2 card.  And then I import the MXF files to the timeline of Premiere CS4.  After edited, by the Dynamic Link sent to Encore which Project Preset is PAL 1440x1080 25.


      With Encore, transcode the video with 1440x1080 25 Maximun Quality.  And then Build "Blu Ray Disc Image".  Finally, burn this Disc Image file to Blu Ray disc.


      Play back this disc with Panasonic Blu Ray player BUT find out that the video resolution is 576p!!


      I checked my workflow and tried many times to build different Disc Images.  But all blu ray disc is played back only with 576p quality.


      I want to create a blu ray disc with 1080i quality.  What did I do wronly in my wrokflow?  Could you help?

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          Andy Urtu Level 1

          1.  Try encoding to Blu-Ray  (mpg2 or H.264) from Premiere using your 50i settings.

          2. Check the file after encoding to be sure it is 1440x1080 50i.


          3. Then start Encore and create a new HD project. Check under FILE, PROJECT SETTINGS that you have Blu-Ray selected with PAL 1440x1080 50i.


          4. Next import the Blu-Ray files you exported from Premiere into Encore.


          5. Burn your Blu-ray disk.


          Hope this helps.