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    Skin not loading on Chinese or Japanese machines

    Tony_pm Level 1

      Webhelp will not work correctly on Internet Explorer if you attempt to view it on a machine in Chinese (both simplified and traditional) or Japanese. The same occurs if you try it on a machine in English and you change the regional settings to one of the languages above. The skin will not load (no frames) and the TOC will show wrong characters and tags.


      I have not yet tried if this might also happen in Cyrillic languages too.


      I have found out that this issue has to do with the fact that some .htm webhelp files do not contain the correct encoding information. Including the UTF-8 line (<meta http-equiv=content-type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">) in the Meta section of all .htm files in the webhelp (excluding topics, which will normally have this code already) will solve the problem.


      Of course, Robohelp should include correct encoding in all .htm files requiring it, but it is not doing it for some reason, causing errors like this one. I have already reported this bug to Adobe.