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    RoboHelp crashes when using TFS

    Emma SDL

      Has anyone used RoboHelp with Team Foundation Server for version control?  I noticed a few questions about that on this forum but no answers. I had attempted to use RoboHelp 7 with TFS but RoboHelp keeps crashing. Is this problem corrected in RoboHelp 8, is anyone using RoboHelp 8 with TFS as version control.

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          Casper Lange

          We use TFS and RoboHelp 7 intensely. We experience less crashes, although all our 6 RH7 still clients crashes at least once every day. Especially when moving and renaming files. This is a huge advantage over RSC 3.1.

          Do you have more details about when RH crashes?

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            Emma SDL Level 1

            Hi Casper,


            I ran the test with 5 users connecting to the same project in TFS. When all the users connect to Team Foundation Server 2008 from RoboHelp 7 after a few minutes of working you get an error saying there is a problem with RoboHelp and it needs to close. All of the users connecting to the server on the following operating system.  It is Microsoft Windows XP, Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. I have also save the error report which is attached. I did contact Adobe directly in June but they have not come back to me yet with any solutions.




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              MergeThis Level 4

              I'm afraid there's a delay in making attached files downloadable (RH forum seems to monitor/censor these attachments for safety purposes), so your file will be labeled QUEUED until it has been released.


              Note that the following files are machine- and output-specific source files that should not be added to source control:







              Try removing them from source control, and see if that helps.



              Good luck,