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    Click drag multi-select in Flex DataGrid

    m..... Level 1

      Is there a way to select multiple items in a DataGrid by clicking and dragging? (ie. clicking the top item and dragging mouse to items below will select them all).


      I have allowMultipleSelection enabled so I can select multiple items using the shift and ctrl keys, however is there a way to do this with only a mouse click?

      I thought allowDragSelection would be the answer but it looks like this is for something else.




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          stickamw Level 1

          Hi there...


          the allowMultipleSelection enables a user to use the <CTRL> or <SHIFT> keys in conjunction with the mouse to do multiple selections.  The control key allows mutiples one-by-one while the shift key lets you grab a block of folks.  To my knowledge there isn't a way to do a mouse-only multiple selection.