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    Can Reader pick up the Default Page Size of a printer that is not the Windows Default Printer?


      We have a web based application that generates PDF documents via Crystal Reports.

      We are using Adobe Reader 8

      The PDF pages are displayed within an Internet Explorer window where the the users then print the document.

      The application is designed so the user only gets one chance to print the document (ie they cant come back and change printer settings if they happen to print the document out incorrectly)

      The document needs to be printed on A3 paper, full duplex.


      We have a printer set-up decidated to the printing of the documents generated by this application.  The default page size of this printer is set of A3.


      If we set this dedicated printer as the Windows Default Printer we have no problems at all.  The default page size (A3) is picked up and the document is printed correctly.


      If any other printer is set as the Windows Default Printer (eg one that has a default page size of A4), the users must obviously select the correct printer from the Print Dialogue Box -however when the user selects the dedicated A3 printer, the page size remains as A4 (page size of the Windows Default Printer).  This means the user must remember to change the paper size to A3 each time.

      Out users find IT a struggle at the best of times - anything that makes the process simpler is very welcomed!


      Is there a way to ensure the default page size of the printer is respected when that printer is not the Windows Default Printer?