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    strange problem with footage length from onlocation to premier


      strange problem with footage length from onlocation to premier: maybe someone can help: we are filming a multilanguage dictionary, in wich we have recorded once on miniDV tapes our master language - and left 5-10 seconds intervals between each word in order to insert now the translated language. the miniDV was caputered as AVI movie to premier. We then exported this master footage to WMV, showed the narrator in the teleprompter the WMV (windows media player) - and recorded him with onlocation the translated words, which should fit exactly in the time intervals left for them in the master. Amazingly - when we put the new onlocation recording in a layer on top of the master layer in premier - what we got is that the AVI type 2 footage from the onlocation is longer... and apperandly "out of sync" - although it should have fit perfectly. Does anyone have an idea why it happened and how we can solve it? Thank you!