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    Audio issues in PE4


      I have successfully recorded audio with PE4 before (a voiceover/narration) on my Windows XP laptop that is no longer in service.


      I attempted to do a narration today, and the only audio I get is mono (left side only) and sounds very "echoey" and "tinny."  I am using a professional microphone (same exact equipment as before).


      It is also very quiet (although input settings are at about 75-80).


      I have now tried to use Audacity to record, and I can get it to record stereo, but it still sounds awful.


      Any thoughts on what might be causing this to happen?  I need to solve this for a client's project that is due to them later this week.


      Attached are two files - the first one (Test1) is what the setup sounds like right now.


      The second one (originalsetup) is sort of how it sounded before.  Sorry for the slightly tweaked output - I hope you can hear the difference in quality even though my "capture" from the original flash file is not very good.


      The second one just sounds more like a studio recording, not like a 4 year old playing with a Fisher Price mic.


      Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for any help you can provide!  I just don't know if I'm totally missing something - I didn't have to change anything on my old laptop (tweak audio settings) - I just went for it.  It seems it won't be so simple this time around. 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This doesn't sound bad to me. But there are a few things you can do to improve it.


          1) Ensure that you have the latest drivers and firmware for your audio card. Go to your audio card's (not your computer manufacturer's) web site and download the latest. Also, go to Windows Update and click the Custom button to pick up the optional hardware updates.


          2) Go to Start/Control Panel and open Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the Audio tab and then click the Volume button under Sound Recording. Ensure that it is turned up all the way. Also ensure that the input jack you have set here is the same as you have your microphone plugged into.


          3) If you're getting audio out of only one channel, it means that you're using a monaural microphone. You can still use this audio in a Premiere Elements project if you apply a Fill Left or Fill Right Audio Effect to it.


          Finally, if you are getting a lower quality recording in Premiere Elements than you are in other programs, there are audio configurations within the program you can set.

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            dmceathron Level 1

            OK, working on all of these suggestions.  I had checked most of these, but will recheck!


            Under Sound in the Control Panel, I have the mic turned all the way up (100).  However, there is also an option for Microphone Boost that is measured from 0.0 to 20.0 dB.  Any thoughts on what that settings should be?


            Also, this is the mic I am using - recorded stereo before with no need to tweak extra settings.  Perhaps I am missing something.  I will try the Fill option.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, I would recommend boosting your microphone to the max.


              I could also find no indication that this is a stereo microphone. sorry.

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                dmceathron Level 1

                I will try the mic boost.


                I just installed SP2 for Vista, and it's now 6:30am here and I am still up from last night so I will tackle the nitty gritty of this problem tomorrow!


                Any other suggestions from anyone else - I'm open!  Thanks!!

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                  dmceathron Level 1

                  Also, I am using an adapter that I think may be the issue (from 1/4 to 1/8).


                  I will pick up a new adapter tomorrow to see if that is the issue.  I was able to get the mic to record stereo (no changes to the settings) by twisting the adapter around...  Grrrr.


                  Now I just need to work on getting the fuzzy noise to go away...

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    If you are using a stereo mic and getting mono audio, the connections would be the first place that I would look.


                    One can also get inexpensive, but good, mixing consoles. Depending on the actual mic, most will benefit from one and you should have 1/4" input, plus 1/8" output capability for most. As some mics need both phantom power and also a pre-amp, the equipment used will probably dictate which mixer one looks at.


                    Remeber, too, there are three places, at least, to set one's recording levels:


                    1.) Windows Sounds (Control Panel>Sounds)

                    2.) the Audio card's console software

                    3.) in PE


                    Make sure to check them all.


                    Good luck,



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                      dmceathron Level 1

                      Hi guys - ok I have done another recording with a new connector - still getting mono out but applied a Left Fill, no other effects.


                      I am still hearing a lot of noise and fuzz.


                      Not sure if there is a way to correct this in PE4?


                      Thanks!  Sample attached.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        You've updated your firmware and drivers. And you've configured your hardware in Windows. And, in Premiere Elements, you've gone to Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware, entered the ASIO settings and configured the hardware here also.


                        At this point, we'll have to conclude it's a hardware issue.


                        It may be a loose connection in the microphone or in your computer's microphone jack. Or it may be that you have the microphone plugged into the audio input jack rather than the microphone jack. Or it may be some sort of feedback with your speakers or some other audio input.


                        The next step would be to borrow another microphone and see if you get the same results with it.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Like Steve, I looked over your mic's spec pages, and was surprised that it did not mention that it was stereo. Still, you have recorded a stereo signal with it before, so we have to assume that it is, and one channel is just not working now. I did notice in the reviews, that one user thought that the cord was a bit light weight, and it could well be that it has become damaged in some way. One question: when you look at the 1/4" connector, is there a black ring, about 1/3 way up the length of the shaft, just like the black ring near the tip?


                          Stereo Mic Connector.jpg


                          As to the improvement in the Audio signal, one can do a bit of clean-up and EQ in Audacity. There maybe be noise reduction VST's available for that program. I believe that it is VST-aware, but could be wrong. I'd look to add a bit of boost in around 250 & 500Hz range. This is the area where the female voice usually sits. I'd also look at a touch of boost in the 2000Hz range. Listen carefully, and experiment with the settings.


                          For Audio cleaning, I use Adobe Audition, however I have found that a little product from Magix, Audio Cleaning Lab, does a surprisingly good job. Its Presets do almost as nicely as the much bigger, and more expensive program, Audition, and does it automatically. I was blown away, because I really considered this program to be a "toy," and it was anything but.


                          Good luck,



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                            dmceathron Level 1

                            Thanks guys-


                            I ended up getting a new mic (USB) - and it was definitely helpful. At least it records in stereo.


                            I still get a bit of a whine.  Perhaps it is just electrical noise.




                            I went in and cleaned up using Audacity and Cantabile (free trial) with numerous free VST plugins (compressor, EQ, de-esser and reverb).


                            Sounds much better now.  I think mic had been a bit banged up over the last few years of moving.


                            Anyhow, it's all fixed now and thanks a million for the advice!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Great news and thanks for reporting.


                              Personally, I like to record narration in mono, so I can localize it, when I do DD 5.1 SS Audio. Unfortunately, PE does not Export to 5.1 SS, even though I have the SurCode encoder plug-in for PrPro.


                              With more source Audio being 5.1 in some newer cameras, it might get added in PE8. However, I'd question the wisdom of having a US$100 program, that needed a US$250 plug-in to encode DD 5.1 SS via AC3.


                              Good luck,