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    videoeffect: write-on

    Umed Annaniaz Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I got this customer (using win. xp prof) who is unable to find some feature in prem. pro cs3 which he calls: "videoeffect: write-on". He is supposed to have used in prem. pro 2. Now the problem is, I can not go and test it coz we don't have ppcs3 and earlier installed on our test machines. And on the cps there was just nothing about it.

      Or maybe I'm understanding the guy wrong. So just to make sure here it is in his own words:


      first interaction:

      "Hello, in premiere pro 2 was in de videoeffects Write on to animate an travelroute. I have Prem cs3 now and cant find it ennymore. Is this effect not included ennymore?"


      second interaction:

      "i havent a technical problem, just i want to use the videoeffect: write-on as it was in prem pro 2.0"


      so, help?