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    PE on server via remote desktop?


      Hi there,


      We're currently evaluating Premiere Elements. One of the issues I would like to discuss is the following: although we have a few laptops, we also have a fast xenon dual core, 4GB RAM Dell server, running on win 2003 32 bit.


      Is it possible to install P.E. on this server and work via remote desktop?

      If not, is it possible to do this with Premiere Pro (we can consider upgrading, since we're now only evaluating)

      If not, is it possible to work locally but do all the rendering automatically on our server?


      The main issue thus is: how can working with Premiere be less intensive for our laptops and how can we use the power of our server.


      (everything is on a local LAN 100Mbit, but this could be upgraded to 1Gb)


      Thanks a lot!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I do not believe Premiere Elements will work over a network or on a remote desktop set-up.


          I recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support for more detailed information on these types of tech specs.


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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            As well as (I don't think) the program not working off of a server, I have read previous messages that say Premiere does not work (well, or at all) when installed on a local computer and the FILES are on a network drive


            As far as I know, Premiere is just not designed to work in a network setup... but... contact Adobe

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I'm with the other two gentlemen on this one. No flavor of Premiere, Pro, or Elements, works well, if at all, on a network. Encore, the authoring application in PrPro is even worse at this.


              There have been several posts, mostly from the academic community, wishing to do similar. Unfortunately, no one, as I recall, has ever posted back to a thread after speaking with Adobe Technical Support.


              Now, I have worked with Assets stored on either mapped network drives, or on an NAS, but that is really quite different and simple. Because of speed, even on a gigabit NIC, I usually just Copy the Assets over to one of my internal HDD's, or to a FW-800 external. That is not much help in your case.


              I would urge you to post back and share any info that you do get. I hope that I am wrong, and there's an easy way to handle this. I'd also love to see Adobe release an "academic server" version of the program, with maybe satellite modules for the networked users. School is a great place for Adobe to make inroads to compete with the Mac-based FCP. PE would be a great program for students to work on. I can also see issues, if one had to install the full program and set up user accounts at a high level on lab machines - networking would be ideal. [The latter was more a "note" to Adobe, and was not a rant.]


              Good luck,



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                webinn0 Level 1

                thanks for the insight. When I should know more (but after these 3 comments I doubt it), i'll certainly post a response back

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Another thing to remember is that "light" networking was a tad easier in the old XP. Vista changed a bunch of that, with additional security settings and the like.


                  I wish you luck, and would love to see things change a bit for the academic community and Adobe NLE/authoring programs. They are too good to be limited to something as necessary as networking in a computer lab.



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                    Kodebuster Level 3

                    Okay, so we're all are in agreement that PE is not a networked application, never was, and probably never will be.


                    But unless I'm mistaken, PE could still be remotely run on a networked PC using a peer-to-peer (or PC-to-PC) Client application.


                    Now granted this will not turn PE into a network aware application, but it will allow PE to be run on one PC, while that PC's Desktop and associated applications (in this case PE) are run and controlled by another PC on the network.


                    Netmeeting, a free Microsoft application, will allow a PC's Desktop to be shared remotely by another networked PC (This is for the XP OS).


                    If it's Vista, then it's WIndows Meeting Space (which is also a free download).


                    This is not the answer you had hoped for, but if you wanted to use that Server's resources in a limited fashion, for some large renders, then this might be something to consider...