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    Camera & Format Choice v Pr CS4

    SpareWheel Level 2

      Clearly there are a quite a few people around here who have a large amount of experience with Pr CS4 and with a number of different workflow. I am hoping this post would help me to step up to the HD format, using Pr CS4 as the editor of my choice.


      First a little background: I first edited way back in broadcast using 2" QUAD and then 1" Helical. Then produced and directed using Betacam and the first onset of NLE systems in documentaries. The media was always 625 PAL system - the format world then was less complicated. So I come from the direction of an editor, not as a cameraman.


      I am now retired, and getting back into video production for a number of projects for which I have always had an ambition. I have a used Sony DSR-170P and shooting on DV/HDV formats. But now I am considering making the step "up" into 25p and 1081p formats.


      My topic question is simple and is best aimed at users here rather than in a camera forum, as people here are using Pr CS4 (and unlike some), I do not have the luxury of moving to Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Avid, or any other workstation software. My PC Hardware:


      Asus P6T with i7 920 Quad Core - no overclocking.

      9GB DDR3 1600 RAM

      Capture data: 2. SATA Maxtor Diamond Max 1TB HDD (Raid 0, until I can add more drives)

      System drive:  SATA WD Caviar Black 500GB HDD.

      OS, Vista Business 64bit

      Radeon HD 4890 1GB


      I am shooting documentary-style. Generally, output to the internet. I have also been asked if I would like to string for a local news outlet.


      I have a £2,500 budget for a new camera. Question: Is the Sony HVR V1E a good move to make? Are the formats a "no-brainer" for Pr CS4? What are other's experience of this camera v. Pr CS4 and 25p, 1081i and 1081p generally?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I would like it if all posters were as clear as you are.


          The PD-170 is DV/DVCAM only, not HDV.


          Your hardware is sufficient to move to HDV. No trouble.


          The V1 is a great camera. If it fits in your budget, nothing wrong with it. Whether you want to go i or p is a different question. What is your delivery medium? BR on progressive monitors? If yes, it may make sense to use p, if you use interlaced TV's, stick to i.


          My personal feeling is that it is a myth that you can create a 'film look' by just decreasing the FPS. Film look is largely created by lighting and DOF. You can get a better film look by using a LETUS, primes and using proper lighting, than by using p. In that case the non-exchangeable lens on the V1 is a distinct drawback.

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            SpareWheel Level 2

            Thank you Harm. Your comment is appreciated.



            Okay, no interchangeable lenses - in news and docos in my time it was less of a statement, the statement was the journalisitc content. But I guess every T D & H is looking to bring some artistic what-not to the media table in order to tell the same story but from a diferent viewpoint. In other words, the same story but in 16:9. What goes around, comes around.



            And yes, lighting and DOF have a lot to add to the landscape. But I wasn't planning on a 35mm conversion kit. Wouldn't it be good if every 24/25p piece of kit came with a focus puller, assistant camera and PA. Now that is one hell of a plugin! Where is that features request link?



            I will be ordering my HVR V1 in the morning - watch this space - but hopefully it will be more than just "space" in the fullness of time.