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    Wrapping text around a circle problems


      I must be doing this wrong, as my test looks jagged and does not really follow my circe auto-shape that accurately. I'm slecting both the text and the auto-shape and then going to Text> Attach to Path.


      I'm creating a logo (attached), and I have two auto-shapes, one main one which has all of the icons inside, and that circle is sitting on top of another one that is 30px wider/taller in diameter. The gutter that this generates is where I'd like to put my circular text. I apologize, becuase I'm sure this has been answered beore, I just couldn't track down the thread.



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Well unless you mean the icons, I don't see any text.


          By default, text wraps around the outside of a circle, so what need is 

          a circle that is the same size or just slightly larger than your inner 

          circle. Text should wrap around that.


          There are several text settings which can change this however:


          in the Property Inspector , check your text alignment and the Offset.


          In The Text menu, try out the different orientations/directions.


          Note also that the circle vector (It's not an auto shape, just a 

          regular vector shape) has a "starting node". The control handle on the 

          left side is where the path "begins" for lack of a better term, and 

          text will start from that point and move to the right, unless changes 

          are made in the PI or the Text menu.





          Jim Babbage