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    Japanese not showing up


      Hi All,


      Ive installed my Illustrator 10 in Windows Vista Home edition......I have the Japanese IME installed and operational in Word, Web, ect.  When i try and use it in Illustrator the IME screens show up, and i appear to be tying the text in Japanese......but it doesnt show up! It looks like there are actual characters there, but they are invisible and i cant get them to show up......


      Any suggestions?  Help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Harron K. Appleman Level 4

          Illustrator was way behind other Adobe applications (including Photoshop!) in its support of Windows IME and, for that matter, Unicode. You'll find support for Asian languages much better in newer versions. FYI, Illustrator is now at version 14.


          In the meantime, you can try various workarounds. If you want to generate your own Japanese text using the IME, and if you have Photoshop, set your type in Photoshop, then copy and paste into Illustrator. Make sure you copy the text before you commit it to raster in Photoshop. Also, make sure you have a Japanese font selected in Illustrator before you paste. (Sometimes, changing the font after you paste doesn't work as expected.)


          If you are importing the Japanese text from, say, a Word document, and if you have InDesign, import the text into InDesign first, then copy and paste into Illustrator. Photoshop should also work for this.


          The font you decide to use will matter, of course. Any proper Unicode-compliant font (with Japanese glyphs) should work with these workarounds.


          Your name must cause great confusion in piano bars.

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