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    CS4: "Document Class" cannot reside in SWC?

    borfgordon Level 1


      I have a class called "my.customclass.Dog" which lives in an SWC file.


      I started a new FLA file, and go to "publish settings" -> AS 3. Under the "libraries tab" I point to my SWC file which contains the "my.customclass.Dog" class. I then set my Document Class equal to "my.customclass.Dog" and I also tried "Dog". In BOTH cases I get "A definition of for the document class cannot be found in the classpath".....


      The "Dog" class does exist in my SWC, because in the first frame of my FLA I can successfully import it and construct a new instance of it.


      Is my need of specifing a class that resides in an SWC as the "Document Class" not possible?