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    Controlling the Playhead Between Slides in Flash Presentation

    Paradigm Level 1

      HI everyone.  After using Flash for many years for animation I've finally discovered the Flash Presentation document setup, but I'm stumbling at the first hurdle in getting my head around the document structure and how the playhead moves between slides/screens.


      I have a small 48 frame animated "text bullet" which fades in and then glows for a second.  I have placed this on one layer in slide 2, and have tweened it so that it flies in from the left of the screen, stopping in the middle.  This is great but have noticed that when advancing to the next slide, slide 3, and then hitting the left arrow to go back to slide 2, the animated instance of the text bullet is at the same position/state as when I navigated away from slide 2 to slide 3.


      So how come the playhead doesn't automatically jump to the start (frame 1) of slide 2 when I navigate back?  I have explored the Behaviours but haven't managed to sort out this very basic first step - help would be appreciated as I can't advance in the design of this presentation unitl I've mastered these basics!!!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear how you have things arranged, but if that animation remains as a self-animated object when you get to the next slide, then returning to the start of it won't reset it.  What you might try is moving it up one frame from where the second slide starts (if that is possible... like I said, don't know how you've got things set up).  Otherwise, you will likely need to give the object an instance name and at the start of the second slide use... instanceName.gotoAndPlaty(2);

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            Paradigm Level 1

            OK, I have a main slide called "smartfix_concept_2" and I have a static text block at the top of this slide.  I want to introduce bullets one at a time to the lower portion of the screen.


            The next slide is nested underneath "smartfix_concept_2" and is called "no_bullets" (this is a blank slide to allow a pause between the main static text being diplayed and the first bullet coming in).  The next slide (on the same nested level) is called "bullet1" and contains 50 frames with two layers.  The first layer is static text for the bullet (50 frames).  The second layer is a Fireworks graphic of the same text but with a glow filter applied.  This tweens in at frame 15 (0 alpha) to frame 25 (100 alpha) then tweens to frame 35 (0 alpha).  NOTE: I discovered that if I created a movie clip of the animation and placed in the slide timeline - it would loop and I couldn't work out how to stop this.  So by adding the animation frames directly onto the slide I could place a stop(); action on the last frame.


            Now the trouble is I'm using the default slide navigation (left and right keys) and it looks like that once the playhead has reached the end of slide "bullet1" and the animation has completed, if the right key is pressed to advance to the next slide, and then the left key is pressed to go back and display "bullet1" again, the playhead is still at the last frame - in other words the animation isn't played again.


            How can I ensure that the playhead goes back to frame 1 of each slide when it is opened/revealed?

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              Paradigm Level 1

              This actually throws up another problem.  I have a 470 frame 3D animation imported into Flash.  I have created a new un-nested slide at the end of the bullet slides to display this animation.  The animation exists as a movie clip placed on the slide's timeline, but it looks like the clip begins to run as soon as the Presentation is started, so by the time you get to the slide the animation is nearly finished!  Why is it that?  I have set the parameter in the top level slide for "playHidden" to "false" thinking this might help, but it hasn't.  Am I failing to grasp a vital concept here?!?