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    I am very new and very stuck!


      I have almost no knowledge of Flash except what I’ve been forced to figure out after having our developer quit.


      Here’s my problem: We own two domain names. Currently, one loads a landing page once hit. We want the second domain to call a different page from the site. I duplicated the parent file and swapped out the landing page SWF for the SWF page that we want to load. This worked! Except...the movie is loading into what looks like an old frame that we have since changed – with an old background color, a frame that we have since resized, and a logo that was improved. It’s as if the old frame (or old CSS?) is overriding the new one. I think it’s in the way I’m exporting (I’m not publishing, just exporting). I tested this by making another duplicate of the parent file and exported it to a parent-copy.swf without changing any action script. Same problem – it loaded the landing page into an old frame.


      Does anyone know if this a publishing issue? I have made changes to lots of other pages in the past and exporting them to SWF has worked fine. Is it because I’m dealing with files that live on the root?


      Any help would help me greatly.