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    Camera Raw on a Netbook


      Don't know if this should be on the feature request forum or here in the general discussion?


      However as it would not be a 'feature' more a stand alone application then this might be the best place -


      With the rise of the use of Netbooks, running bare bones applications, would it be possible to have Camera Raw as a stand alone application?


      So that event/press/holiday photographers could have a workable system - most netbooks come with 160gig hard drives, plenty of space for a days work, all that is needed is some picture editing software which works (GIMP and Picassa are not in the ball park unfortunately) FTP and Emailing software already exists. ITPC captioning software already exists. Bridge is still slow in comparison to PhotoMechanic.


      Lightroom needs a higher screen resolution than is available on most Netbooks 1024x600. It also does a LOT of stuff that just isn't needed when you are out on the road.


      I am well aware of the limitations of using a small screen, with limited colour profiling capabilities, the slowness of the Atom chip etc. however the needs of the 'Road Warrior' are well met by Netbooks due to their size and long battery life, existing software other than a working image editor.


      Of course it would not be a massive market, however it would be a premier one and I suspect a new one, as the people buying 'Camera Raw LIte'!! would of course have either LR or PS one their full sized systems, 'CRL' would do one thing and one thing well and fast with minimum resources.


      There are people who do use CS 4 on Netbooks and they say that is runs ok, however if there was a 'bare bones' application which did one thing and did it well and at speed, then there is, I'm sure a definate market. It could even be a testing ground for an iPhone application - you may laugh but PhoJo is used on an iPaq handheld. http://www.idruna.com/pocketphojo.html


      If any of the Camera Raw team wish to contact me off list, I would be happy to talk through a few ideas.





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          antpix Level 1

          Any thoughts Eric or Thomas?


          Is it possible?


          I'm pretty sure that there is a market, I know that the photographers working in London are seriously looking for a 'better' solution than FULL Photoshop.


          Whilst it is workable, there is certainly a speed hit, I would assume due to the way PS is written and it's 'expected' use against a Netbook running an Atom chip - a couple of years ago 1.6 GHz was a pretty respectable chip speed and PS just flew along.


          The netbook is the fastest selling category of computer and it's market continues to grow - out of that market I would imagine that there are a sizeable number of people who would like a 'simple' photo editing program optimised for a simpler workflow. In addition to news, wedding and event photographers out there, there must be 'millions' of amatuer photographers who go on holiday who want a photo editing system  which would work on a netbook.


          Thanks for any feedback





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            I was just searching for "image editing on a netbook" and came across this forum entry, so thought I'd put in my 2 cents. I'm about to purchase an ASUS Eee PC 1000HE (long battery life!) as a lightweight alternative to carrying around my serious laptop (MacBook Pro).


            I rarely take time out in the field to do serious editing. But I do want to be able to do more than just download from a card onto the hard drive. "Camera Raw Light" would be perfect for a first run-through before leaving the geographic area of the shoot.


            I'm continuing my search....