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    Will AI CS 2 work with OS X10.5


      I am currently working with Illustrator CS 2 and have OS X 10.3.9 operating system on my PowerPC G5, I am looking to upgrade the operating system to OS X 10.5 are there any problems I should look out for??? Help!

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          John Danek Level 4

          Yes, I believe it runs under Rosetta emulation.  Other posts have reported no problems.  However, some people have written here that CS2 runs extremely well in OS10.4.11 ( Tiger ).  Personally, I believe that the performance matrix involves three factors: 1.) CPU; 2.) OS; and 3.) CS.  If you're running a G5 ( PowerPC ), according to Apple, your days ( as well as mine, I'm using a G4 ) are numbered.  Apple recently announced no more "Rosetta".  You may want to reconsider upgrading until it is necessary ( i.e., PowerPC dies ).  Sure, you can upgrade for your own personal reasons, but 10.5.whatever will be the last upgrade that will run CS2.

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