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    Multiple Line screens on one plate


      Long story short (if possible), I work at a small print shop in which we

      have no workflow software and we still manually trap or use InDesign's built-in trapping.


      I need to create an RX pad using two sets of screens.

      The background image needs to be 5% @ 133lpi and the "VOID" pattern

      needs to be 3% @ 85lpi. I was told this could be done with Rampage easily, but of course,

      buying software is 'out of the question'. This was possible years ago when the company used film,

      but now we have CTP.


      This could be done in Photoshop, but the company wants to keep it clean with vector if possible.


      I know you can use the halftone pattern effect in Illustrator, but how does dot radius translate into 'lpi'?


      Pretty much, we need to be able to burn ONE plate with the two completely different screens I mentioned above.

      Is this possible?