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    Nested Clips Don't Play


      I apologize; I'm certain this has been asked and answered many times, but I can't find anything by searching. If you're tired of answering this and know where an existing thread is, by all means, please just point me there!


      I have a clip on my main timeline, inside of which is another clip. I have animated the main clip (just 10 frames, keyframes at 1 and 10, with a motion tween). Then I open it, and "animate" the nested clip on its own timeline. I say animate in quotes because it's really just 5 keyframes with no tweens as I've been told that tweens in nested clips make a mess. I know nested animatetions don't show by scrubbing the timeline, but it won't show when Testing the movie, or even after publishing it as a .swf. The nested clip does play on its own timeline from within the clip, but not outside it.


      I can post my .fla file if necessary. I'm hoping this is one of those things that is some common mistake I'm making. Still, I've found countless tutorials on the web, and every one of them says to do exactly what I'm doing. I'm using CS3, btw.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I was going to attempt an example for you, but I can't ber sure I'm gonna create something like you're trying to.  So if you can make your fla available, I (or someone else willing) will take a look at it.  I recommend uploading it to a server of your own if you have one rather than trying to upload it to this forum (not reliable).

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            rbpenn Level 1

            Thanks, Ned.


            I just figured it out. For whatever reason, when I converted my nested symol to a movie clip, Flash decided what I really meant was "graphic" and acted accordingly. I just noticed when I looked at my propery inspector that it showed graphic rather than movie clip. So I guess the lesson there is when you convert a symbol to a movie clip, double check and make sure Flash actually did what you asked!