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    Setting z-depth order of buttons


      I have tried repeatedly to take the examples in setChildIndex and instead of using sprites I want to control the order of 2 buttons on the stage so that when I roll over one of the buttons it comes to the top.


      Here is the code I have so far which is from the example given in the on-line documentation:


      var container:Sprite = new Sprite();

      newReleases_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, clicked);
      topRated_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, clicked);


      function clicked(event:MouseEvent):void {
          var circle:Sprite = Sprite(event.target);
          var topPosition:uint = container.numChildren - 1;
          container.setChildIndex(circle, topPosition);


      When I run this and roll over the objects on the screen it gives me this error:

      ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
          at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/setChildIndex()
          at asndasd_fla::MainTimeline/clicked()


      What am I doing wrong?