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    Error Application Failed to return a video frame. Canceling the Operation

    Sharksaver Level 1

      Im trying to export a video in CS 3.  It was built with a  720 x 480 project and  importing HD files with SD scaling.  The project renders and plays in the timeline just fine but I cannpot export to Encore or as a movie.  As an avi uncompressed I receive falure to export unkonwn error.  When I export as a .mov or other format I get Application Failed to return a video frame. Canceling the Operation.


      How do I determine which clip is causing the problem? I broke the movie into 3 sequences, one part works, two do not.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Often, "Failed to Return a Video Frame" can be associated to having a gap in the Video. There can be other causes, but this is one of the most common, and most easily cured ones.


          If you got this message while doing the Render, you should have some idea as to the percentage of the Render that was completed. Remember to factor in whether you were using a CBR, or VBR multi-pass setting. You'll need to do the math with the VBR multi. I've seen this happen on the second pass, when the first pass completed fine.


          For locating gaps, I first zoom the horizontal view of the Timeline up to the frame level, and hit Home to get to the start. If you have some idea of the % of completition of the Render, you can probably start just before that point. Next, hit the PageDn key to step from Clip to Clip. The CTI should jump from Clip to Clip (watch closely, as other Clips, like Audio, etc., will be included in this process - you want to be looking at the Video Tracks). If the CTI stutters, or hiccups (easier to see, than it is to describe), you have likely found your gap. At the frame-level, you should be able to see it on the Timeline, as well, though depending on a lot of factors, such as your monitor's resolution, etc., it might not show, except for the hiccup in the CTI.


          I've seen Projects with a ton of gaps Render perfectly every time, and others with 1 one-frame gap come to its knees.


          Good luck gap-hunting