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    Trying to understand baggage files

    Pat@ffic Level 1

      If these questions don't make sense I apologize, but I don't really understand how baggage files work.


      I am working with baggage files in RH-5. I have several projects with somewhere over 3000 baggage files (mostly pdfs). There are about 700 of them that I don't need anymore. I have gone through the projects and deleted references to the baggage files from the topics, I also deleted the files from the baggage file folder. After republishing the projects the pdf files are still on the server. Do I need to manually delete the pdfs from the server? I don't recall copying the pdfs to the server in the first place, did RH do that as part of the publishing process?


      If RH publishes the pdfs to the server, can I delete all of the pdf files from the server and would RH replace those that are still in the project? I don't have a list of the files that need to be deleted so if I could use this approach it would save me a lot of time.


      Thanks for any help, it is always appreciated!