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    Exporting Clip to WMV Format?



      I'm wondering how I can 'pursuade' my PE7 installation to export a movie clip in WMV format?

      Import/Export of WMV files are possbile, if I believe the help manual. But as I try to do a file>exprot action, the dialog comes up with a predefined xxx.avi extension. I don't see any possibility to select the wmv format.


      Can anybody help me out there?



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You need to go Share>Personal Computer and then scroll down the options to find WMV. And there you will find a number of WMV export presets.

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            manfred20 Level 1

            Hello Paul,


            thank's for the quick reply.


            Since I work with a German language system, I suppose you refer to the tab "verteilen" on my system which offers me 3 options:

            Adobe flash video, Mpeg or DV AVI.

            From there, only the option mpeg then offers further presets other than PAL or NTSC.

            Since I'm basically a newbie in regards to video formats I get lost there - which one of the presets is a wmv format?

            Unfortunately 'wmv' it not mentioned there in plain text .


            PAL and NTSC format I would exclude, but what stands behind

            H264 xx, HD720 xx, Mpeg2 1400 xx, Mpeg2 1920 xx, Mpeg1 Multimedia and Mpeg2 Multimedia?

            Is any of these formats a wmv format?


            Thanks in advance,


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              manfred20 Level 1

              I found it.


              Sometimes you just should closer to your monitor.

              There are more than 3 options in the share menu - once you bother and scroll down.

              So my question is answered.

              No need to reply.




              Manfred 20